Getting your family back on track

You shouldn’t have to do it alone.


a family disease calls for a family solution

Recovery Services


Family Case Management

Imagine having an advocate by your side through the treatment process, and during your loved one’s transition back home. A personal guide can see you through the tough recovery decisions, possible pitfalls, and the danger of relapse.

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An intervention is one of the most loving things you can do for your addicted loved one. A professional intervention comes from a place of love, brings the family back together, and preserves everyone’s dignity in an organized way.

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Family Coaching

Recovery is complicated - how do you return to “normal” after everything your family has been through? You want to create an environment at home that encourages long-term sobriety. Hiring a family coach can help you discover your new normal, rebuild a loving family dynamic, and create a safe and happy environment at home.

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Addiction & Recovery Resources

You have a lot of questions, and why wouldn’t you? Your own home has become a confusing place to live. This is a look at some of the common questions that people often ask when their loved one is suffering from addiction, along with a list of powerful resources for recovery.

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What our clients are saying

Praise for Family Matters

As a mother of a daughter struggling with addiction and mental health issues, I was scared and at a loss of what to do... how to help, where to send her... what was the right thing, the wrong thing to do. Katie was instrumental in putting my family back together. She is intuitive and honest and walked me through some of the most difficult times. Katie isn’t afraid to have difficult conversations and she does it with love. She taught me to lean in to discomfort. Most importantly with her guidance & knowledge, I learned there could be peace among the chaos. Today my daughter is 18 months sober and we have a relationship - not perfect, but different and better than I could have imagined.


Katie Ronquillo

I’m honored to work with individuals and families to help them to recover. If you look up the definition of recover, you’ll find this, “to return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength.” I have recovered from that hopeless state of mind and body as a person suffering from addiction. But I have also recovered as a mom, a sister, a wife and daughter of those suffering from addiction and mental health afflictions. I’ve been everywhere you are and that is why I have so much passion for this work. Everyone deserves to recover.